are just tiny pubs!
Micropublishing is a whole new way to publish scientific discoveries. Whether it’s a critical overlooked piece of evidence or an observation that captures your imagination, flashPub helps you build momentum for your work, prevents scooping, and gets you to the truth faster.

why flashPub?

High Impact
We focus on making micropubs visibile, citable, and usable in compelling research narratives that engage the community and inspire new lines of inquiry.
Progressive Peer Review
Our peer review system balances the benefits of open review and the value of traditional review. It’s fast, easy, and to the point.
We will never charge subscription fees or APCs for academic users. All researchers are welcome to publish!
Machine Friendly
flashPub makes it easy to write well structured, machine friendly assertions that power awesome stuff like reasoning algorithms and knowledge systems.
Automatic Archiving
All content is deposited in leading public repositories, ensuring your contributions are preserved and acessible forever.
Enjoy publishing
Look forward to sharing your discovery. It should be the easiest and most exciting part of a research project!


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