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Micropublishing is a new way to publish scientific results. Instead of waiting for enough results to fill an entire long format research article, more narrowly scoped findings are published with little or no narrative. this allows a larger proportion of your work to be published and citable. Micropubs are then woven into larger narratives that tend to be more robust and converge more rapidly on the truth due to increased interactions among the community.

Global Public Library

flashPub is built from the ground up recognizing the importance of an emerging ecosystem of inter-related open scholarly infrastructure technologies we like to call the Global Public Library. This exciting new ecosystem re-establishes the traditional role of public libraries and academic insitutions as the long term stewards of scholarly content, ensuring that this generation's scientific findings will be open and accessible to the next generation of scientists. We're excited that we can tell our users all of their content on flashPub is automatically "in the library" - deposited into a public institutional repository with the appropriate metadata and unique identifiers.

Writing explicit assertions

... coming soon.