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Rich Schneider

April 4th, 2018

The public benefit statement of flashPub is to provide high impact academic publishing venues with no financial barriers. As an academic researcher for over two decades, a faculty member at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), as a vocal public advocate for open access (OA), and as someone who has been working for the past decade to help transform scholarly communication, I feel I am well qualified to assess the efforts of flashPub as stated in its public benefit mission. I have no financial relationship with this public benefit company or any other conflicts of interest.

Since flashPub is still developing its platform, I cannot speak to existing services. However, the goals that flashPub has articulated and the preparations that flashPub has made towards launching a platform without paywalls for reading content as well as eliminating publishing fees for academic users, are strongly aligned with the OA movement. Elements of the platform still need to be worked out, but the company seems confident and eager to demonstrate its ability to create a sustainable business model without introducing any financial barriers for academic authors or readers.

Based on the initial activities of flashPub, and assuming that flashPub continues to follow its stated goals, my assessment is that this organization is satisfactorily working towards its public benefit statement.